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Contemporary art and accessories to spice up your living spaces.

Experienced artist creating fun and classy art.

About Me

Jacob Edward Shirley is a multi-faceted artist and creative entrepreneur.

Throughout my long and fruitful artistic career I’ve had one principle that I’ve stood by. Painting is awesome.

I’m blessed to find so much pleasure out of such a simple thing. Each new can of high pressure contents feels like a shiny invite to a party. I’ve also been very blessed to be surrounded by so many supporters. Whether it was my high school years of painting in people’s bedrooms and basements, or more recently painting portraits of clients’ most important companions, others have given me the opportunity to continue in my passion.

Client Testimonials

  • [about the temp tats] "Extremely high quality. Lasted a week!"


  • Jacob Shirley has been a friend of mine since back in the day. After he painted friends-of-mine's rooms, I requested his professionalism. To witness his transformation from concrete and Sheetrock to canvas...

    Trey Sagers

  • "My wife loves it! Thank you."


  • "Shipping and quality of item is great!"